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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  December 2, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at noon -- on your side. >> our top story this noon, police say it was a pellet gun that caused an armed standoff inside a school in ohio. a 14-year-old boy was taken into heise -- taken into custody at scott high school in toledo. the student had a pellet gun that looked like a handgun. officers fired a beanbag round at his feet. no other shots were fired and no
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one was injured. closer to home, two workers taken to a hospital after an acid spill in fairfax county. news chopper seven was above the school as the science wing was evacuated this morning. the rest of the school is operating normally and officials tell us the injured staff members are expected to be ok. death at a gaso station convenience store. prince george's county police are trying to figure out who is onponsible for this violence walters lane in forest bill. neighbors are increasingly unnerved. >> as the shower tape surrounds thisront door, it was 3:00 morning, the inside of this gas station became a shooting range. >> i got the best every morning, so it could have been me. >> an adult was shot several times and rushed to the hospital but later died.
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>> somebody come in the morning and shoot the guy. >> why, do you think? employees in a crime-ridden section of forest hill are trying to make sense of it all. they're speaking to detectives and going to surveillance footage. it's not clear if he was simply a customer. >> i go in and get something to drink every now and then, but after shootings, i don't know about that. >> police say they do not have -- based say they have grown weary of the shootings in the neighborhood. the gasmployees of station are currently cleaning up what appears to have in a messy situation. the victim was in his 20s and hasn't been identified. prince george's county police
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have reason to believe it was an attempted robbery, but it is unclear if the man was targeted. >> more breaking news this noon, this time coming out of howard county. ais is a townhouse fire in 6000 block of lou point court. traffic in this area is blocked as crews try to get the fire under control. at least one person and a pat have been rescued. no word on their condition at this time. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a nasty day in our area for water mains. we are tracking two major breaks. want on a major commuter artery and the other in a residential neighborhood in montgomery county. it left residence awaiting through water trying to get to their cars. suzanne kennedy reports it's not the first time they've seen this kind of problem. >> from the air, you can see the
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gushing water from the early morning water main break that happened before dawn on gold cattle drive. >> it sounded like an earthquake . the house was vibrating and shaking. from when itoise happened the last time, so i started filling up everything with water. thehe water rose quickly in shady hill community. some cars were damaged, including this volvo. >> it still has water in it. the engine starts but the electrical system is compromised. i can tell by things not working in the car. >> it was an eight inch water main that broke here. more than four dozen customers lost water service. residents say it's a chronic problem. it's happened a couple of times in the last 12 or 14 months. not to this magnitude but we have had legal problems like
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this. >> now that the water has been turned on, they can begin the repairs. they estimate it will take about six hours to get the job done. >> we are learning it could take several more hours to fix the water main break near northeast d.c.. water officials say a 12 inch main broke leading to closures along that busy stretch of road. the plaza was left without water. this just in, word of a third water main break in northwest washington on 1st street between you and the. that one is an eight inch main affecting 40 homes and repairs could take anywhere between six to eight hours. taking a live look outside, the only good news is they have decent weather to repair all these water main breaks. at least they are not dealing with sleet or snow. >> imagine if the temperatures
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were below freezing. that would have turned into ice and it would have been a nightmare. we have quite a bit of cloud cover across the area and despite that, it still on the mild side. temperatures about 20 degrees warmer. so we are starting to warm up a little bit. 47 degrees in d.c.. 37 in winchester. the sunshine has been peeking out, 53 degrees. if you are traveling today, the big trouble spot is here in the pacific northwest into the northern rockies. this is a major player that will be impacting different parts of the united states for the next week. around here, calm and tranquil and 49 degrees. 47 at 6:00 and 41 at 11:00. we will talk about how long that will last in another few minutes. >> thank you very much.
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some new videoto just into the newsroom. a metro bus has a broken window after someone threw a rock at it. metro says the bus was driving on livingston road in southeast. 22 passengers were on board but none of them were injured. drivers have complained about people throwing bus -- throwing rocks at them as they go past. proposal, buslion and train commuters would pay three percent more in fares. that's about $.10 more for a typical train ride. the standard fare would be $1.75 and parking in metro lots and garages would go up by $.25. will interview the engineer and conductor from the deadly train derailment in new york. four people were killed yesterday and 60 others were injured.
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let's go live to new york with clues investigators are looking for. they are scouring the black boxes. >> the feds are trying to get to the bottom of it. the two black boxes have been retrieved and they are poring over them as the crews clean up. while the ntsb scours the cars for clues of possible will mechanical failures, they are looking for signs of human error. officials say investigators have confiscated the phone of the train operator. the 20 year know if veteran was distracted moments before the train derailed. cause,erms of a specific that will have to be determined by the investigation. >> passengers say the train was approaching a sharp curve at ace heat up faster than normal. the train operator reportedly told authorities he up by the breaks but they failed. >> i the time i looked up, it was going off its track and there was just rubble flying at
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my face. >> passengers describe the terrifying moments after the train jumped the track. seven cars derailed, two of them rolled over. one stopping only feet from the banks of the harlan river. everybody was getting thrown around and there were just people flying back and forth. video shows the wreck from one of the trains that passed by. the four people who died have been identified. the ntsb tells us that it will know later today how fast the train was going and whether the brakes were used and whether they worked. live in the bronx, abc 7 news. >> a driver was sent to the hospital and a truck load of alcohol was left lying in the streets great take a look at this video. news chopper seven was above this scene this morning. the driver was hauling bottles
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of alcohol. he had minor injuries after the crash but no word yet on what caused it. thegovernment is hoping all frustrated users will give one more go. the worst of the glitches have been fixed. it says the site is up and running 95% of the time last week but the biggest test could happen on december 23 as people rushed to meet the endline so their coverage could start at the beginning of the new year. could drag racing have caused the crash that killed actor paul walker? new details on the investigation into the death of the fast and. star. to outsmart scammers while you shop online today. is this the body of a woman who gave birth just 30 days ago? does she look like
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lacks now to a developing story out of hollywood -- new developments in the crash that killed paul walker. police say they received a tip that drag racing may have led to the crash on saturday. investigators had already ruled speed was a factor. now they are looking into whether another car veered in front of the porsche he was driving and caused the crash. shoppers right now are clicking their way through their holiday shopping be says of it is -- because it is cyber monday. .ere is a tip you should at least get free shipping. if you don't, you might want to spend your money elsewhere. don't do it while you are at work. the internet is crowded with websites that look legitimate it
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could be scamming you. you are about to see what happened when abc set out to buy designer handbags. the clerks are getting smarter -- the crooks are getting smarter. >> designer handbags can cost house and so dollar but offer a big discount. so finding outlets online, right? i searched for michael kors, louis witt on him a coach and product outlets. in the first page of results, i find official looking sites like this one and this one. it is the right logo and the artwork is professional. on this page, they explained why the discounts are so good. i buy bags from four of the sites and find a suppose it coach bag on amazon. valerie runs the authentic foundation. she says online counterfeit sites are getting much more sophisticated. >> many of these websites have the same artwork, the same
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graphics, the same pictures of the products. that is the secret of counterfeiting. isthis louis witt on bag $280 and it's fake grade this $85 bag is fake. this $228 coach bag takes the cake. >> one of the reasons i thought it was real is that i got it on amazon and it was expensive. >> that is exactly what's happening. good counterfeits are becoming more expensive online. >> we contacted coach and louis witt on. they say the only way to ensure to are getting it online is get it right. they monitor merchants. but it is legitimately confusing. >> first of all, look at the
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website carefully. >> she says they are almost always grammatical errors on a counterfeit site. if you have any questions, please kindly contact us. click on the support button and it a are a little wonky, that is a red flag. >> ask for the birthplace. >> here are two more tips. .he skeptical a third party to process your payment and if you see a purse online but get my the real, check to see if the picture actually matches the name. happy shopping. i imagine a drone delivering your purchases to you.
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that could be the future of involve drones dropping baggage is on to your doorstep half an hour after you make a purchase. the company's ceo says the program won't be ready for another four or five years. but could you imagine having your package on your doorstep 30 minutes after you buy it? >> no. it would have to be pretty lightweight. >> i'm happy if i get my package two days after. that is funny. it would be neat to see a couple of those. them.e down and bring i'm sure there are some postal workers and delivery men that would not mind having to get out in the sleet and snow area >> if you are caught without your gloves, you have to deal with that area but nothing today. >> nothing to be worried about. pretty decent weather. i want to show you this photo here. shopping over the
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weekend and says that a halo around the sun, a reflection of the light in the ice crystals of the clouds. morning, we've got very little loud cover and sunshine at all. a lot of cloud cover, so that is pretty incredible. our wins have an calm, sunoco big windchill factor. a big difference between who is getting the sun and who is not. to the south in places like fredericksburg and ocean city are making it into the 50s right now. hello, december. we start out the month with an average height of 52 degrees. our average low is 37, down to 29 before the end. we usually get our measurable
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snowfall, two point three inches on average. we had 15 inches of snow fall grade more on my blog at the area of lowm. an pressure developing off the coast. that is why we are so cloudy. across the country to the northern rockies, this will be a major storm system heading across the gall -- heading across the gulf coast state and could make its way across the east coast and could impact our weather by late in the weekend. as for us today, it's going to be a bit of cloud cover with temperatures around 50 degrees. if we hit 50, it will be the first time we've done that in a week. mostly cloudy skies. 39 degrees. we may even top it by a couple
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of degrees as we get into the lower 50s. the warming trend will continue and then showers coming tonight and i think we will line down early on saturday and this will be the impact of that system in the acidic northwest right now. it could bring interesting on the, so let's focus good stuff. temperatures will continue to climb. 60 degrees, i will take that. this isay decorations, your week. >> i don't have an excuse now. >> thank you. rescued by firefighters -- the quick thinking that saved this family. and new details about the 50 shades of grey the.
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>> a new mom is creating a firestorm for post pregnant see photograph. take a look at this. she said she posted a picture just three days after giving soth with the caption i feel empty because she misses her baby bump. a norwegian baby blogger said she was amazed at how fast she outback. one doctor said we could applaud women who achieve this but should not bash those who can't. two people in fairfax county need a new lace to live but their pets are ok thanks to firefighters. two dogs were rescued from a home in great falls, including this eight-month-old puppy. firefighters used face pieces to revive her and -- and revive her with an oxygen mask grade she was placed in a hyperbaric
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chamber and the fire began in the kitchen. take a look at this. this is some unbelievable video -- a sea eagle caught in the act see dealing a -- stealing a camera. he forgot to turn the camera off. rangers were using the cameras to report crocodiles and you can see the birds journey through the air. ranger found the camera about 70 miles from the spot where it was taken. hilarious. still ahead, jacqui is back with another lo
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>> "50 shades of grey" producers are planning to make two different versions of the film so that they can make a more explicit version and release a version to theaters. an rilm is expected to get rating and an nc-17 rating. going has just begun. the movie was expected to be released next august but now it looks like fans will have to wait until february 2015. i think i will stick to seeing the movie "frozen." good old disney. is area cry it -- air the weather is very quiet. we will be on the upswing with temperatures near 50 degrees and near 60 on thursday. >> get out and enjoy it whil
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